Taking Care of your Industrial Kitchen:

36Taking care of your kitchen is important to both the taste and safety of your restaurant. Here are some awesome tips to keep your restaurant’s kitchen in tip top cooking shape.

1. Keep all the dishes clean, and keep them in a specific area.

2. Use a pantry for similar spices and foods so all the chefs know where to get them.

3. Use a big walk in freezer for your meats and veggies.

It’s also incredibly important to keep all your cooking equipment clean to prevent grease fires, for that you can contact http://www.venthoodcleaningtexas.com/


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3 Important Fire Prevention Tips


  1. Smoke detector maintenance – This may seem like a no brainer, but with smoke detectors being so common place, we never think to check them. Every six months to a year, you should be checking your smoke detector to make sure it’s working.
  2. Clean cooking area- When you’re cooking with open flames, make sure the area is free from debris, crumbs, or anything else that can be set ablaze. Greasy stovetops can lead to grease fires.
  3. Safe space for heaters – Make sure your space heater is in a safe area when in use. If the heated coils make contact with any fabric or paper it can set it on fire. So give your space heater some space.

Prevent grease fires in commercial kitchens by getting you vents cleaned. http://www.venthoodcleaningtexas.com/

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3 Way to Prevent a Grease Fire


  1. Wipe Cooking Surfaces: Before cooking, remember to carefully wipe down the areas around your burners. Lingering residue can catch fire and ignite a larger blaze.
  2. Monitor Smoking Oil: If cooking oil in your pan begins to smoke, remove that pan immediately, but carefully, to avoid catching.
  3. Clean Vent Hoods: Though kitchens install hood vents to prevent grease fires, if those hood vents are poorly maintained, they become harmful rather than helpful. Dirt and grime build-up in your kitchen’s hood vent can catch fire and perpetuate a larger blaze rather than squander an ensuing grease fire.


Pro Duct Cleaning offers professional-grade hood vent cleaning to ensure your commercial kitchen remains grease fire-free.

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